Murphy our Reading Dog's Blog Thursday 16 November 2017

Hi there
Well today I was with Year 3 and I could hear all sorts of wonderful Christmas singing practice as I settled down to listen to some great reading.
First of all was Shy Shark and I learned all about fat fish, thin fish, striped fish, jellyfish and even fish which can glow in the dark!
Next was The Lost Voice where Floppy wanted to help find Chip's voice.
After that I heard Grumptus Attack where the friends lay down on their bellies in the sand dunes. I like to do that too! Especially in the summer! Do you?
Then it was Stories of Princes and Princesses, where a hairy beggar took Prue home to be his wife, and guess what, he was actually a ... you'll have to read it to find out!
Last today was Wizard Blot and he needed a spell to get rid of a spot on his chin. Plus he'd lost his vest, pants and socks!
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Love Murphy

Dare to Believe Festival

On Friday, 10 children went to the dare to Believe Festival at Testwood School with Miss Ingram.  Dare to Believe is a collaboration between the Youth Sport Trust and Allianz in order to help build on the legacy of the Paralympic Games. The aim of the festival was to increase the opportunities available for all young people with additional support needs to realise their own personal aspirations in life and sport.  

The festival was held at Testwood School and was delivered by Paralympic Swimmer Kate Grey and sports leaders from Testwood School, The Mountbatten School and The Grange School.  The festival provided a unique school based opportunity for young people of all abilities to attend, and:

  • Created friendships between young people with and without additional needs and disabilities from their and other schools.
  • Provided opportunities to take part in new and exciting activities.
  • Promoted inclusion and diversity in school and the community.

The festival format was a round robin with different sports. including seated volley ball, hearing rugby and Bocha. They rotated around in their groups and were  asked a series of questions to encourage self-reflection after each of the activities.

The children were fantastic and really enjoyed the experience.

dare to believe website

Prokick 2017

Today every child has a go at Prokick. Matt from the Sports Foundation demonstrated how to score.  The challenge was to kick the ball into the goal. The children's kicks were measured in miles per hour. The fastest girl and boy in each class will be awarded a medal. prokick website 

Football Team

We couldn't be more proud of our young footballers who represented the school today at Applemore's 3G football tournament. Adorning the new football kit, kindly provided and sponsored by Mr Tribble, the seven boys played five matches against schools from all over the New Forest area. 


The boys were dealt an eleventh hour blow when two of the original eight became unavailable to play, however we are a school where there will always be keen and enthusiastic pupils who will wear the school jersey with pride and we were not let down this time either.
Captained by Alex, who is forever a credit to Calmore due to his never-ending willingness to lead by example, the boys drew their first match but then came triumph in match two! Goals from Alex, George and a thunderbolt from Matt - you had to be there to believe it - saw the team run out 3-0 winners. Connor was making some heroic saves in goal while Jeho and Daniel worked tirelessly on either side of midfield - both making their debuts for the school.
As the matches continued, the lack of a substitute began to take its toll on the team and the next two matches ended in close fought but ultimately disappointing one nil defeats. By the end of match five, the boys were dead-on-their-feet having never once given up but having given their all for the team and school.
We are always proud of our pupils who step forward and represent us all at these tournaments but we could not have chosen a more magnificent seven to do so today.

Murphy Our Reading Dog's Bog Thursday 2 November 2017

Hi there
Some great reading today!
First today was The Lost Voice, where Chip had lost his voice and Floppy thought he knew where it was!  He looked in the radio, in the TV, even under the bed, but he couldn't find it anywhere!  Where else do you think he could look?
Next was Noah's Ark Adventure and the children were feeling fed up with the rain, so they used the magic key to go to another land and ... you'll have to read it to find out what happened!  I don't mind the rain, I just shake it all off again!
Then I listened to The Giant Postman, where Billy had a letter to give to the postman in the village.
Last today was Chamber of Treasures where Nok was trapped in one of the cages with all the rubies.  Do you think the friends were able to rescue him?
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