Our library is open on Fridays from 3.00 - 3.30 for parents to come along with their children to choose books or simply enjoy some reading time!

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Murphy our Reading Dog's Blog 27 January 2016

Hi there 

I sat near Barney the fish today. I don't know why we've not been introduced before because he seemed very friendly.  I wagged my tail, and so did he!
Then the Year 3s came out to read, and first I heard Save Pudding Wood and we spotted a woodpecker and a treecreeper in the pictures.  In the story, people wanted to chop the wood down and build houses, but the children wanted to stop that happening. You'll have to read it to find out how they did it.
Next I heard The Story of Chocolate.  Mum says I must be the only dog in the world who doesn't really like chocolate!  I can't help it - I just like cheese and tuna more!  Plus, I learned that the ancient Mayans and Aztecs used chocolate instead of money!  They could buy rabbits for 10 cacao beans and even a slave for 100 cacao beans!  
After that, I listened to Meerkat Madness where I heard all about Little Kit, the smallest meerkat, and his brother and sister in the secret nursery.
Next up was Gran's New Blue Shoes, where Gran went off to meet the queen, but her shoes broke on the way!
Then I heard Little Beauty, where a gorilla and a kitten became best friends, and finally, another adventure in the Alien Adventures series, The Mines of Moxor.  Such great reading today!
Keep reading.  See you after half term, as I'm on holiday soon.
Licky lick
love Murphy 

Language Master Classes

A selected group of Year 6 pupils took the short journey to Testwood Sports College on Friday as they began a series of lessons focussed on modern foreign languages
Mrs Peters, Head of Foreign Languages at Testwood, will be working with the pupils to introduce them to new languages including German, Dutch, Russian, Italian and even Mandarin over the next eight weeks. During this first session, the children looked at German - locating Germany on a map of Europe, learning ten top facts about the country and how to meet and greet each other in the language.
By the end of the hour long session, the pupils were able to greet each other, introduce themselves and describe where they lived. Not bad for a first attempt.
We hope to be able to involve more pupils as the year goes on so watch this space...

Murphy our Reading Dog's Blog Thursday 21 January 2016

Hi there
So today I was with Year 4 and we started off with fun and Mr Gum and the Biscuit Billionaire.
Next I heard Stitch Head where Freakfinder opened up the carriage’s cage to show Doctor Contortion (who is very bendy) and Madame Moustache, who has a horse’s tail glued to her chin. Strange.
After that, I heard Predators and I learned that crocodiles usually hold their prey underwater until it drowns, and then they eat it. I also learned that rattlesnakes use venom from their jaws then swallow their prey whole, even if it’s a rabbit, like in the photo! I was going to find out about what spiders do, but we decided to avoid that bit (it's on page 23 if you want to find out yourself!)
Then I listened to Football Academy and Jake was determined to become a  footballer when he grew up because he loved the game so much.
Somebody with no shoes but red spotty socks read to me next. It was one of my favourites - The BFG, where Sophie can’t sleep and gets out of bed to see a tall, thin shape … who can it be?
Monster Crocs was next, so I learned even MORE about crocodiles, like they weigh as much as a small car and can grow up to 5 metres long!
So much to learn, and so many good readers today!  
Keep reading.
Licky lick
Love Murphy

Ready Steady Cook

Calmore was served up rather unique dish as part of our Healthy Eating Day...

Our very own Miss Ingram and Mr Vaughan donned their aprons and chef hats as they took to the kitchen (school hall to be precise) and battled head to head in a particularly unique edition of Ready Steady Cook.
Each class had already attended a healthy eating workshop earlier in the day and been given fruit kebabs and a healthy fruit smoothie to sample afterwards. The children learnt about what is needed on their plates in order to enjoy a healthy diet as well as which foods contain unhealthy levels of sugar and fat.
With the help of our school kitchen staff, Miss Ingram knocked up a wonderful chicken stir-fry that was sampled and judged by members of the school council...
Mr Vaughan, in full chef's whites, showed off his culinary skills by producing a tasty looking Quorn stir-fry that had the pupils drooling in anticipation...
...and it seemed to win over the judges as you can see by the photo. A final vote of 5 to 3 (No Mr Vaughan, you can't use part of the table cloth to vote for yourself!) mean that it was a win for the green kitchen!