Murphy our Reading Dog's Blog 25 Februaray 2016

Hi there 

It was so good to be back at school today!
I was with Year 3, sitting by Barney the fish, but he wasn't very waggy this afternoon so instead I settled down to hear about Wilbur the cat in Winnie's New Computer - the computer's mouse wasn't what Wilbur expected, and it turned him blue!
Next I listened to The Disgusting Sandwich, which fell into a pond and was rescued by a frog, only to be run over by a boy on a bike! Yuk!  Disgusting!  But I might have sniffed it anyway, just in case there was anything good in it, like cheese maybe. Or tuna.  I like tuna.
Then I heard Fairy Dust, where Rosie saved a chocolate for Snowdrop the fairy and left it outside on the window ledge for her.
After that, I listened to two pirate stories: Grace the Pirate, which was all about a girl  who dressed as a pirate, and Pirate Adventure, where the children went to the doll's house and opened the door to a tropical island with the magic key.
Two animal stories came next: Heartland, which was about Sugarfoot, Amy's horse, who was poorly, and Monster in the Mirror, where Woffles the dog and Stretch the cat were being bullied by Muffy the new cat, but they had a cunning plan!
Finally, I listened to Ugenia Lavender, who entered a competition to go on a funfair ride. 
So many great books today - and great readers too!
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love Murphy

Rock Challenge 2016

What a night! The standard of entries was higher than ever this year and inside information tells us there were only a couple of points between the first to fourth placings. We are VERY proud of our performance and our fourth place. The children danced their hearts out, had amazing facial expressions and worked so well as a team. During the day, they conducted themselves respectfully, behaved impeccably & supported each other so well-which we knew they would. Can I take this opportunity to thank:

  • Miss Dunbar for putting together a stunning performance & giving up her time every week to rehearse with the children
  • The children for persevering, collaborating & performing to such a high standard
  • The staff for fund raising, painting, supporting with rehearsals, make up, props, costumes-there was hardly a staff member that didn’t help-what a team!
  • Mr Penny for building such a striking set-what a clever man-thank you so much for your time & expertise. Even on the day the house was too large so Mr Dickenson & Mr Penny re-built it on the steps of the Guildhall-thank you!
  • Mr Dickenson for organising all the lighting-thank you so much for your time & expertise
  • Our office staff for organising letters, flyers and tickets
  • The parents for supporting the event and our fund raising efforts

Well done and thank you to each and every one of you!


Rock Challenge 2016 webiste 2

Rock Challenge 2016 Website 3

Rock Challenge 2016 website 4

Rock Challenge 2016 website5

Rock Challenge 2016 website 6

Rock Challenge 2016 website 7

School Council Lunch with HCS3

Last week our School Council met with HCS3, the company that provides our school lunches. They had interesting discussions around healthy eating and the Eatwell plate and how the school lunches have to meet strict, healthy guidelines. Also they talked about their likes and dislikes about the school lunches and put forward suggestions for improvement. Whilst they took part in this meeting they were eating a delicious roast dinner!

School Council Lunch website 1School Council Lunch website 2

School Council Lunch website 3

Year 4 Maths Challenge Day 1.2.16

12 children had an opportunity to visit the Mary Rose Museum in Portsmouth to take part in an exciting day of problem solving. They had to work out how much money and food King Henry VIII's fleet would need, going to sea!


Year 4 Maths Day Photos

Building Learning Power! 27.1.16

This afternoon, we welcomed parents and children to take part in activities that helped them to build their learning behaviours! At Calmore, we always do our BEST for success. Look at how we used our super heroes Brinda, Edsel, Shea and Theora below! Can you spot us persevering, noticing, making links, planning and collaborating?!

IMG 2242

IMG 2208

IMG 2248

IMG 2234

 IMG 2207

IMG 2249