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Hi there
It was great to be back at school after half term, and I sat near Miss Green's Year 3 class, next to the fish tank waving to the fish with my tail, and guess what?  They waved back!
First today was Alien Adventure Space Hunt, where the friends needed to find the final fragment to save Planet Exis, then I listened to Tummy Rumbles, where Mrs Mumbletrouble ate such a gigantic breakfast, her tummy made funny noises on the bus all the way into town!
Animals on the Move was next, and I learned all about migration, and how animals move from one place to another.
Then I heard lots of Silly Poems like Riddle-Me-Ree and What's In My Basket, which were great fun.
Wall of Wax Gory Stories was next, where Arturo and Walli were on guard duty together, but when it was Walli's turn, he fell asleep!  Oh no!
Last today was Deep Water, where Ryan was trying to persuade Jon to skip off school.  Why would anyone do that?  School is just great!  I wish I went every day!
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Healthy Eating

Calmore's Pop Up Café opened for the afternoon on Monday before half term.  Huge numbers flocked to taste the delicious sandwiches, rolls and wraps designed by the children in Year 3.  Parents were treated to a presentation of facts about balanced diet, teeth, digestion, the skeleton and food chains before tucking into the uniquely designed healthy snacks.  Then came the tense part: parents filled in an evaluation sheet so that our young chefs could reflect on their culinary skills. Everyone really enjoyed their snacks.

The presentation was perfect: place mat, menu card and name card.
Now for the worst part: what would our guests say about our designs?
Success! Our sandwiches were a hit. Now we've got to make some at home!
Afterwards, guests relaxed with a look through our topic books to learn more about being healthy.

Praisin' Hands

Hythe Reform Church's Praisin Hands puppet group came in on Thursday 8th February to perform to years 3 and 4, highlighting how to stay safe online.

 This week's themes is staying safe online and on  Wednesday, all of the children had an assembly and did lots of work in class on  being safe on the internet and on phones etc. It's so important that in this ever evolving technological world, we teach children that the internet is brilliant but can also be a dangerous place if not used safely.


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Murphy our Reading Dog's Blog Thursday 25 January 2018

Hi there
Well, first up today I listened to a special reading of Nog in the Fog, or was it Dog in the Fog, or Log in the Bog?  Anyway, there were some great rhymes, and great sounding out too.
Next was The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, where  Edmund had eaten far too much Turkish Delight and then he was really, really mean to Lucy, saying that ... you'll have to read it to find out!
Then it was Horrible Histories: The Savage Stone Age, where I found out that millions of years ago, one of the first human beings was called Lucy and she was only four feet tall. I'd probably come up to her shoulder or near there anyway!
After that, I listened to Captain Underpants and the Attack of the Talking Toilets where Miss Wibble got swallowed by - you guessed it - a toilet! Hahahaha!
Then it was Pirate! where it was Cal and his little sister Annie's first day at a new school.  They had a secret about their Dad which Cal hoped Annie wouldn't tell anyone ...
I'm away for a bit now, but see you after half term and don't forget - keep reading!
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Calmore Joins Facebook!

We have joined Facebook! To help with our communication with parents, we have created a Facebook page. We plan on posting updates on upcoming events, reminders and other information to keep you notified with the latest developments at school. We hope that this will be of benefit to everybody.

To find the page, just search Calmore Junior School in the Facebook search box and ‘Like’ the page.