Fabulous Fencers

Our fencing team entered a fencing competition and came first! Congratulations! What an achievement boys - we are very proud of you.

Fencing Winners April 2016

Year 4 visit The Sea City Museum

Yesterday year 4 visited The Sea City Museum in Southampton. They had a tour of The Titanic Museum and then they went into the learning deck. Here they dressed up as real people from The Titanic and they had to guess whether or not they survived.  The staff at the museum said:

'..the children were extremely polite, inquisitive and eager to learn!'

'A lovely group that asked some great questions!'

'Their manners, readiness to learn and behaviour were all excellent.'

Well done year 4- we would expect nothing less!

Murphy our Reading Dog's Blog 21 April 2016

Hi there

Hey hey hey - Year 5 today!
First up was The Creeper, where Lucy buys an old cassette tape to listen to a creepy story.  Then I heard Jurassic Park and found out about dinosaurs and paleontologists (that's a dinosaur expert).
Next up was The Promise, where a thief tries to snatch an old woman's bag and the old woman tells her "If you promise to plant them, I'll let it go".  You'll have to read it to find out what she means!
After that I heard about an orang utan who wears a nappy and needs a good name.  Can you think of one? That's right!  Batpants! Hahahahahaha!
Mrs Marshall brought me a visitor while I was listening to the readers today - a girl who stroked me so gently, I almost thought she could speak dog.  She knew just where to tickle me. Hope I get to see her again soon.
The next book I listened to was called Keeping Secrets, which was all about Jo taking part in a spelling bee - I think that's a sort of spelling competition.  I love spelling - oops, I thought that was smelling!   I really, really love smelling things.  That's my favourite thing to do!  Not so sure about spelling though.
Last today was Ratburger, where I found out that a girl called Zoe lived with a dead hamster called Gingernut and a live rat called Armitage.  What a start to a story!  Can you possibly guess what might happen from the title?
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Licky lick

Year 6 Art

'Toucan' paint if you really try!    

Inspired two very special visitors today, year 6 produced a rather spectacular piece of artwork... 
The morning began like any other: Maths test then writing!!! But then something rather different happened... 
 Meet an aracari toucan - all the way from Amazon (via Miss Ball in the infants' brother)
Under its watchful gaze, the pupils began painting the fence panels...
Although each child was painting their own piece of wood, they had to use collaboration as it was crucial that they used similar colours so that they would fit together at then end...
Alex enjoyed chatting to the bird...
Once each piece was completed, picture began to take shape...
Bit by bit...
Piece by piece...
Until eventually,
it was...