Hindu Visitor at Calmore

Yesterday we were treated to a special visitor at Calmore Junior School. The guest speaker supported and enriched the children’s learning of Hinduism at Calmore Junior School and
also gave the children an opportunity to deepen their learning through questioning of an active practitioner of the faith.

Hindu Visitor Website

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British Values

Year 4 took time to discuss our British values and what they really mean to them.

'Mutual respect means we respect our differences and their opinions.'

'The rule of law means to me that I can be safe.'

'Mutual respect means I can always rely on people  to respect what I believe and rely on my friends at school to be kind to me and respect me.'

'Democracy means to me that there is not just one person in charge. Voting in Britain means that you have free choice and that your opinion should not be judged by others even if they believe in something different to you.'

Individual liberty to me means that we can be free and choose our own space and opinion.'

Mutual respect means you do not make fun of others and you respect the religions and beliefs of others.'

Tolerance means caring for others and their beliefs.'



British Values website

Year 4 Turn into Mad Scientists!

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Today Year 4 turned themselves into Mad Scientists to launch their new topic, Solid as a Rock! The children took part in lots of scientific activities including discovering what happens when raisins are placed in lemonade and investigating what happens when water is poured onto sand.

Poetry Assembly

To kick start our celebration of the Queen's 90th Birthday, Years 3, 4 and 5 held a poetry assembly where the children performed the poems that they had been learning in their year group. 

Year 3 performed The Crocodile's Toothache by Shel Silverstein, Year 4 performed Chocolate Cake by Michael Rosen and the Year 5 classes performed two separate poems; 5HS performed Gran can you Rap? by Jack Ousbey and 5LD performed The Spider and the Fly by Mary Howitt.

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Queen's Birthday Celebrations

On Friday 10th June, Calmore Junior School and Calmore Infants School joined in the birthday celebrations that were happening across the country to celebrate the Queen's 90th birthday. The day started with the children parading onto the field in a see of red, white and blue waving union jack flags followed by the children singing the national anthem and happy birthday to Her Majesty. Special mention must go to Ashleigh for her amazing performance of God Save the Queen on flute. 

The celebrations were concluded with a lovely picnic lunch for all the parents and children.

For more pictures of the day at Calmore Junior School then please click onto the Daily Echo website.

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