Puppet club assembly

Monday 26th March, Calmore puppet club performed in assembly. They performed 2 Easter related songs and then used florescent sticks to showcase another part of the Easter story. It was thoroughly entertaining. Well done to all involved.

puppets 1


puppets 2

Murphy's blog

Hi there,
Thursday afternoon again!  Today I was with Year 4 Miss Kynaston's class and we started off with Holiday with the Fiend, where Mum dreamed of time to herself including a stay at a posh hotel and tea at the Ritz.
Next was Mr McFurtle Plays Music, where Mr McFurtle decided he wanted to learn to play an instrument, but Boris the dog didn't like all the funny noises.
Then it was Football Spy, where I learned how to develop my goalkeeping skills like Come, Call and Catch.  Hey, I know some of those already!
Next up was Alien in My Belly Button where I found out that Binko was a cheese-covered alien!  Now I love cheese but that sounds a bit strange ...!
After that, I listened to the beginning of Kaspar. I met Mrs Blaise the head housekeeper who had a voice like a trombone when she got angry - more instruments!
Bad Dad by David Walliams came next, and three burglars called Fingers, Mr Big and Thumbs were in the back of the silver Rolls Royce which Frank's Dad was driving and they ... you'll have to read it to find out what happened!
Last today was Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, and I finally got to understand the rules of quidditch.  Yey!  Now I can play it with my doggy friends!
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Licky lick
love Murphy

Yr 6 Trip to London

On Tuesday 13th, Year 6 ventured out by coach to England's capital city- London. They enjoyed a short tour of the city sights on the coach and then went to the Globe theatre where they undertook a drama workshop based on Romeo and Juliet and were given a tour of the Theatre. They then walked to the Tate Modern where they were greeted by many wonderful works of art. The children walked around in small groups looking at some famous pieces of art including pieces by Monet, Dali and Rothko.

After a spot of late lunch, Year 6 walked from the Tate to Tower bridge for a photo opportunity and ready to board the coach back to Calmore. A fabulous day was had by all.


london 1

London 2

Year 4 trip around Southampton Walls

On Monday 12th March, year 4 went on a trip around Southampton walls. They looked at how the land was being used and what the  buildings were like; They looked at transport and litter and compared the old and the new. They really enjoyed seeing the contrast between modern and old. Behaviour as always was excellent. Well done yr 4.

walls website

Year 5/6 Athletics Competition

On Saturday, Miss Ingram took 8 eager year 5s and 6s to Testwood Sports College for an athletics competition. They took part in sprinting races, target throwing, long jump, ball pass and speed bounce. It all ended with team relay races. The team showed great resillience and sportsmanship and were up against some really fast opponents. Well done Calmore- you were superstars.

athletics team 1