Murphy Our Reading Dog's Blog Thursday 2 May 2019

Hi there

Hey, hey!  Year 6 today, and first up was Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire, and two of the seekers, Krum and Lynch, plummeted through the centre of the Chasers whilst Harry watched through his Omnioculars, to see who had snatched the snitch.
Next was Bad Girls, and Mandy and her new best friend Tanya went to the wishing fountain at the shopping mall.  What would you wish for if you went there?
Then it was Wolf Wilder and Feo's mum was a wolf wilder: the exact opposite of an animal tamer. So cool!
Goosebumps: The Bob That Ate Everyone was next.  Zackie had found an old typewriter and every time he typed on it, whatever he typed came true! Uhhhh?!
Alex Rider: Eagle Strike was next, and Alex recognised the man on board the yacht as the contract killer who'd killed his uncle! 
Then it was How to Capture An Invisible Cat, and this cat, whose name was Proton, was bigger than a horse!
After that, I listened to Once, which was about Felix, a boy in a Catholic orphanage.  He was trying to find his parents who used to run a bookshop in Poland.
Next was Double Dork Diaries, and Nikki Maxwell was hoping to get a scholarship to be able to stay on at her school, despite Mackenzie bullying her ...
Great reading today Year 6!  Keep reading everyone!
Licky lick
love Murphy

Rotten Romans

The children are thoroughly enjoying their Roman Workshop as we speak. It is an energetic, hugely interactive fact and fun filled introduction to the Roman invasion of Britain! What a fabulous way to learn! We keep hearing screaming in the office but they are all still ok!

Website 2


Brockenhurst College Music assembly

On 24th April, in the afternoon, we were treated to a rock concert by some students from Brockenhurst College. They have all been studying music at the College and we were their first audience. It was terrific and the children really enjoyed seeing the talented musicians.

brockenhurst music 1

Murphy our Reading Dog's Blog Thursday 4 April 2019

Hi there

So today it was all the fours, cos I was with Year 4 on 4 April, and hey, I've got four paws too!
First up was The Smartest Giant in Town and I found out all about George.  George was the scruffiest giant in town, but he bought some brand new clothes and ... can you guess what he did?
Next was The Parent Agency, and Barry didn't like his name, plus he made a list of all the things he didn't like - about his parents!
Then there was more from The Smartest Giant in Town, during which someone said I was a tame bear, which I thought was just right!
The Masked Cleaning Ladies of Om came next, and King Harry and his friends were on a quest to find a new cleaner.
Last today was A Kid's Guide to London, and I found out all about the Great Fire of London which started in a bakery in Pudding Lane.  I also found out that you could fit 36 tennis courts inside St Paul's Cathedral!  Wow, imagine that!
Have a great chocolatey Easter holiday, and keep reading
Licky lick
love Murphy

Easter music concert

On Friday morning some of our musicans played in assembly. Parents were ialso nvited to share the musical interlude. The children were fantastic and we are very proud of their progress and how confident they have become in such a short time.
music concert 1