Light it up!

This week has been a lot of fun in year 4! Yesterday they had their launch day for their new topic, Light it up! They split into groups and moved around a series of four activities - videos about electricity and light; a nightline activity where they wore blindfolds and were plunged into darkness; Laser Quest where they had to use mirrors to redirect a laser beam in order to hit targets; and electrical circuit building. It was great!

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Murphy Our Reading Dogs Blog Thursday 10 January 2018

Hi there

... and first of all, happy new year to everyone!
It was so great to be back at school today, and I was with Year 6, then Year 5!
First up was Mrs Mumbletrouble who ate such a huge breakfast that her stomach just kept rumbling and grumbling!
Next was Gangsta Granny, and Ben didn't want to go to his Gran's house.  He said that all she wanted to do was play Scrabble (I do that when I'm digging in the garden!) and he also said that she smelled of boiled cabbage!
The Beak Speaks was next, and  Dinah the mynah bird was watching as a dog chased a rabbit - and got stuck in a tube!
Oranges in No Man's Land  came after that, and you wondered how Granny managed to feed all her family with not very much food.
Up next was The Midnight Gang and George slid down the banisters so quickly that his pants caught on fire!
Then it was A Boy Called Hope, and Dan Hope was hoping to be revealed as the son of a celebrity ...
Next was Wimpy Kid: The Meltdown, and the reward for doing some chores was a battery for the TV remote (it took 4 batteries!).
Last today was Spiderwitch, The Field Guide, where I got introduced to identical twins, Jared and Simon Grace.  I wish I had an identical twin all the time - sometimes he's there, right opposite me - in the mirror!
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love Murphy
Murphy 10 Jan

Murphy our Reading Dog's Blog 13 December 2018

Hi there

First of all, I listened to How to be an Anglo Saxon, and I found out that monks lived in a monastery, nuns lived in a nunnery and dogs lived in a doggery!  Only joking - I made that last bit up!  Hahaha!
Next was The Masked Cleaning Ladies Save the Day, and Queen Norah was learning a new football song because her team were going to be in the cup final.
Then it was Fear Forest, and I found out what a gubloon is.  Do you know?  Then in the story, there were six robotic shapes rolling past.  How weird!
Monkey Puppet was next, and there was a new boy in class who had a special friend in his pocket.  Can you guess who it was?
After that, it was Oceans and Seas, and I found out loads of stuff, like the fact that  waterspouts can be up to 1000 metres high!
Race to the Pyramid was next, and Nok's planet Exis was running out of power and the friends needed to collect four special fragments to restore it.
Last today was A Mouse Called Wolf, and the smallest mouse in the family was given a very special name.
Great reading today!
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love Murphy 
Murphy Christmas 2018
Murphy Christmas 2018

Rock Steady

Yesterday Calmore rocked!

Rock steady have been working with lots of children in school to create rock bands. Children have been taught to play the electric guitar, the drums and the keyboard as well as to sing .Four bands from years 3 to six came together to perform to the rest of the school and to parents. Considering they have only been practising for 30 minutes a week for 6 weeks, they were superb. Well done to all who played. Leaflets will be going home this week inviting other children to join.

Year 6 careers fair

Year 6 welcomed Southampton University, a truck driver, midwives, nurses, archaeologists, the police, dog trainers, engineers and so many more to their careers fair yesterday. It was a brilliant event. The children were able to ask numerous questions to all of the visitors and ask them about qualifications needed, wages, what the job was like etc.

Thank you to all of the visitors who came and to year 6 for their superb behaviour and attitudes throughout the fair 1