year 5 trip to Testwood Lakes

To make up for missing their residential to Leeson House, the teachers arranged for year 5 to spend the day at Testwood lakes. They did orienteering, ponddipping, learned about Andy Goldsworthy's art. It was a beautiful day (if a little hot!) and the children had a wonderful time.

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year 5 fun day

To celebrate the end of term, year 5 had a team building and problem solving day. They had to use many of our learning behaviours such as collaboration, communication, being flexible, planning and so many more to meet each challenge.

teambuilding 1team building 2team building 3

Assembly theme

This week’s theme is how to keep safe during the summer holiday.

We talked about lots of different aspects about keeping safe including being safe on the road, at the beach, near water, in the sun and stranger danger.

It can feel nice to sunbathe but it can be dangerous.

The sun’s rays can damage your skin.

The sun’s rays can burn your skin.

The sun is strongest between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m., even on cloudy days.


Swimming and playing in the sea and swimming pools is fun but it can be hazardous if you are not careful.

Some sea creatures, such as jellyfish, can sting you.

Some water, such as water in lakes and ponds, can be very dirty.

The water can get deep very quickly. Sometimes, the waves can carry you too far from the shore.

Tips to protect you in water:

Swim with an adult, use armbands if needed, swim in the sea on a beach with a lifeguard. Only swim when the sea is calm.

Year 2 children

Year 2s met their new teacher this week. It was lovely to meet them all.


Years 4 and year 5 have been working in their sketch books. Year 4 have been learning about the colour blue and year 5 have been learning about tone and line. Look at their amazing books.

sketch book 1sketch book 2sketch book 3sketch book 4