Year 6 trip to London

Wow what a day! year 6 travelled by coach to London. They first visited the Tate modern art gallery where they were treated to some amazing, if a little stange in some cases, art work. next the children had a tour of Shakespeares Globe Theatre. The children were lucky to even see some rehearsals in action. The children then became actors themselves and took part in a drama workshop based on Romeo and Juliet. 

After a super day, the children they walked along Southbank and soaked in the sights and sounds of London.

globe 1

year 6 home learning

Year 6 have created some incredible home learning projects based on their Evolution science topic. 

Well done year 6- what a great start to your learning!


year 3 PSHE

Year 3 have been learning about keeping safe. They walked around school to see all of the different ways we help children to keep safe in and around our school. They were astonished by what they discovered.


year 3 history learning

Year 3 have begun their history topic on The Stoneage. they began by researching as much as they could through various forms.


sroneage 1

year 4 rocks

year 4, as part of their science learning, have been looking at and  comparing rocks. they described what they looked like and and how they felt and whether they absorbed water or not.

yr 4 rocks 1