Basketball competition

A fantastic effort from our basketball team last week, as 10 pupils from Year 5 & 6 represented the school at Noadswood School. Up against Marchwood in their first match, the team took a while to get going but in their second game against Abbotswood, they had hit their stride and came out victorious. Great baskets from Buster, Emelia and Ollie seeing the team qualify for the knockout stages. Against Fordingbridge, the team were once again winners but defeat in their final match meant they missed out on a place in the gold/silver medal match on just points difference. So close! A brilliant team effort and lots of fun. Well played to all our players - Buster, Emelia, Finlee, Gadiel, Jake, Keira, Noah CH, Oliver T, Ollie M and Sophie A. 


basket ball comp jan

Come and learn

We invited parents and grandparents in to help learn Spellings. So many came in which was lovely.

We learned lots of new spelling rules, played spellings games, completed word searches and challenged each other to spell words correctly


spelling 2

Praisin Hands Puppet show

Praisin’ Hands puppet group from Hythe Reform Church came in on Thursday to help the children how important living a healthy life style is. They told us about a boy whose life was transformed from sitting on the sofa all day playing on the computer and watching TV, only eating takeaways and junk food. He rarely did any exercise or playing outside as he felt so lethargic and lacked in energy to a boy who was bursting with energy, who tried new foods, ate 5 fruit and veg portions a day and ensured he limited his screen time and got enough sleep. The children learned that it is so important to play and have fun with friends outside in the fresh air as well as online. Laughing together is the key to improving mental health and wellbeing.


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Year 6 Careers fayre

On Thursday as part of their PSHE, year 6 held a careers fayre. They wrote to and invited people from their chosen career choice to come in a share tips and advice. It was incredible. 18 different professionals came and supported the children including: marine biologists, vets, solicitors, nurses, police officers, soldiers, hairdressers, actors, naval officers, midwives and mental health professionals.   All of the professionals commented on how well the children’s letters were written and how polite and interested they were when they were going around the tables and asking questions. Well done year 6. Thank you to all those visitors who came to support the children and for introducing them to the best careers around and for helping them become educated citizens and for preparing them for the future lives in the world of work so they can succeed in life.


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On the 16.1.20, eight children attended the second indoor Athletics league of the year for Year 5 and 6 at Testwood School. They worked brilliantly as a team and individually, many achieving personal bests in their individual events. Each child took part in a running event, field event (consisting of either shot put, speed bounce, long jump or triple jump) and relay.  The girls won the relay and we had lots of first and second place finishers! A huge well done to Jack, Max, Elijah, Kyle, Sophie, Kiera, Phoebe and Emelia for their hard work. So proud of you all!