'Thank you for making a difference to our child's education. He's definitely a better person now thanks to you.'

Year 6 Parent 2016

'If we had to choose a school for our child again we'd certainly choose Calmore.'

Year 6 Parent 2016

'The teachers make you believe in yourself.'

Year 6 child 2016

'Calmore Junior School is great preparation for what is to come.'

Year 6 child 2016

'I love this school it is like a big family.'

Year 6 child 2016

'I recognise how hard you work and how committed you all are to help children to achieve successfully, alongside ensuring that their precious time in your school is full of memorable experiences.'

Stella Counsell School Improvement Partner May 16

'What a lovely, friendly school.'

Visiting social worker 2015

'Wow! This is such a friendly welcoming school; my son is going to love it here.'

Prospective Parent July 2015

'I love this school it is like my family.'

Year 6 child July 2015

'You are an amzing school and I'm so pleased my children went to this school and had a fabulous time.'

Year 6 Parent

Good Morning,
'I was a previous pupil at Calmore Junior School. At the time I was too young to understand anything that was really happening around me. 
 The reason for this email is because I really do want to thank the team at this school at the time of when I was present. And also now as I do still hear very good things. I was helped along every step of the way, and was given extra support even when I did not think I needed it. This school made me confident, and gave me a vision of how I wanted my life to be.
 I left in 2008, and shortly after my mum passed away, I was passed from pillar to post. All I can remember about this place is the great memories I had which also involved my mum. I have now gone on to have brilliant grades during education, and now have started a career that I thoroughly enjoy, helping other people at Citizens Advice. I have just turned 20 now, and am expecting my first baby with a long term partner.
 I am still in contact with a few people who I made friends with at the time I was with you. And I would just like to thank you so very much, even though most of the teachers are now gone! I really hope you continue to do a great job. I appreciate everything that was ever done for me.'
 Ex Year 6 Pupil