Sports Premium

At Calmore Junior School we see physical activity and health as very high priority. Children will enjoy physical activities using a range of skills in dance, gymnastics, swimming and games. They will also understand the value of physical activity and the development of personal responsibility for one's own health.

The School's Education Programme will:

  • Promote healthy growth,      development and a positive attitude towards health
  • Engage all pupils in regular      physical exercise
  • Raise the profile of PE      & sport across the school
  • Increase the confidence,      knowledge & skills of all staff in teaching PE & sport
  • Broaden the range of sports      on offer
  • Develop and improve skills      in all areas of the physical education curriculum
  • Develop the ability to      control and co-ordinate body movements expressively and creatively
  • Develop a sense of enjoyment      and well-being through both involvement and achievement
  • To promote social skills      including teamwork, leadership and good sportsmanship
  • Increase participation in      competitive sport

Sports Grant

We are currently receiving £17,500 (Sept 19 to Aug 20) sports grant to develop sport in the school. We are using this money in the following ways:

  • Continuing professional      development for teachers 
  • Access to competitions      through Sports Partnership  *
  • Specialist coaching for      children weekly in PE lessons  
  • Running a mile at lunchtime
  • Specialist PE training from Sports      Partnership *
  • Links to Sports Clubs in the      Community  *
  • Links with AFC      Totton-football & cricket training at the ground
  • Access to yearlong      competitions organised by the Sports Partnership *
  • Access to training through      the Sports Partnership*
  • Access to tennis coaches      through the Sports Partnership
  • Before school, lunchtime and      after school clubs

* Subscription to New Forest Sports Partnership £1,084

The impact of this in 2018/19 has been

  • Staff are better trained to      teach PE
  • Children are developing      better skills
  • Children have a wide range      of opportunities to take part in sports
  • Increased numbers of      children are choosing to take part in a sports club
  • We now have bronze Active      Mark July 18 (expected to get Silver this year)
  • Increased entries into      sports competitions
  • 56% of children attended 1      or more afterschool sports club
  • 44% of PP children attended      1 or more afterschool sports club
  • 34% of the children took      part in 1 or more sport competition
  • Increased numbers of      children in clubs eg Athletics
  • Focus on inactive children      over the year
  • The employment of specialist      coaches to work alongside staff
  • Increased the number of      sport competitions entered, e.g. orienteering, football, tennis,      tag-rugby…
  • 42 children in year 6 can      swim competently, confidently and proficiently over a distance of at least      25 metres.
  • 30 children in year 6 can      use a range of strokes effectively.

We promote physical education and health by:

  • Running a wide range of      clubs which might include-football, street dance, fencing, karate,      gymnastics, dodgeball, cricket, athletics, cross country, tag-rugby, multi      sports
  • All children have 2 hours PE      a week
  • Children take part in      regular inter-house competitions
  • Annual competitive sports      day
  • Annual school World Cup
  • Pro Kick Sports Challenge
  • School Council led a healthy      eating assembly
  • HCS3 Health Day & Ready      Steady Cook
  • Annual SEN PE festival
  • Theme Days e.g. Keep Healthy      Day
  • Sports Relief includes      physical activity and charity work
  • Play leaders
  • Sports Assemblies
  • Health Education in PHSE and      Science
  • Promoting sporting events e.g.      World Cup/Rugby World Cup/Olympics
  • Promoting the drinking of      water for health
  • Healthy snacks at break time
  • Strong Links with AFC Totton
  • Annual Sponsored Run
  • Daily mile run (Run the      Globe)

We will sustain this approach to PE and sport by:

  • Continued links with      Testwood Sports College
  • Teachers continuing to work      alongside specialist coaches
  • Working to increase further      competitive sport eg entering B teams
  • Continued professional      development
  • Running school activities      with other schools
  • Training new staff as they      join the school eg Real PE
  • Maintaining the wide variety      of after school sports clubs on offer